Why Choose Solace

Why Choose Solace Environmental Services?

We provide data driven recomendations which will assist you in identifying environmental factors which may be negatively affecting your health and well being.

Whether in the home or at work, we offer testing and inspections to ensure that you are in a safe and healthy environment. This may include:

  • Home and office indoor air quality inspections
  • Surveys concerning worker exposure which ensure compliance with state and local requirements and address employee complaints
  • Clearance testing following abatement and remediation to ensure all work was successfuly completed


Our sole focus is to provide unbiased inspections and explore efficient, cost-effective solutions for clients. Since we do not perform any remediation, you can trust that we will strive to help you find a solution without a sales pitch. We strive to perform every job on budget, and without excessive change-work-orders. Our job is to take the time to discuss your issues and plan out a scope of inspection that answers your questions without extraneous expense.