Commercial Air Quality Testing

Solace Environmental recognizes the value of a healthy workspace. With that in mind, we have a cost-effective, comprehensive testing plan geared to address indoor air quality in commercial environments. 

We have developed standardized procedures to minimize the impact of our air monitoring equipment, and if you’d prefer, we can work outside of your business hours to keep distractions to a minimum.

Understanding that every client has unique concerns, we can develop a testing plan to specifically address your situation.

What we test for?

At each testing location, the following conditions will be measured and data-logged for a period of 24 hours or more depending on your needs.

Pertaining to indoor airborne mold sampling, we will determine the type and quantity of mold spores present in the ambient air. The results will be compared to a sample of outdoor air to determine if there are current issues with elevated mold spore levels.

Our standard office indoor air quality testing package report will be provided to the client within 10 business days. This report will include:

  • General Climate Conditions
    1. Temperature (ºF)
    2. Relative Humidity (%)
    3. Carbon Dioxide (parts per million – ppm)

  • General Toxic Gases
    1. Carbon Monoxide (ppm)
    2. Hydrogen Sulfide (ppm)
    3. LEL – Lower explosive limit of natural gas (% LEL)
    4. Oxygen (% by volume)
    5. Total VOC’s (ppm as per 10.6 eV lamp in PID calibrated to 100 ppm isobutylene)

  • Mold Spores
    1. The data gathered in the 24-hour testing period by all data logging equipment.
    2. A digitally-created floor plan with indicated sampling locations.
    3. Color digital photos of the sampling sites.
    4. A final interpretation of the data which is based on permissable OSHA or NIOSH exposure limits.
    5. A suggested remediation plan with the necessary actions prioritized.